Saturday, March 14, 2009

Limerick Contest

Last year, I won the limerick contest at M'Coul's Pub... (You can find the limerick posted on this blog... go back to last March.) This year, time was passing and I thought I didn't have time to write and submit another one. BUT, last night, Doug found out we could still submit a limerick today. Doug also found out that one of the prizes is a Guinness keg-o-rator. (I really don't know how to spell or write that!)

Last year, I really wanted Doug to enter the contest. He's really creative. So, when he decided not to, I decided I would do it. The grand prize was a two nights stay at the beach... How could I pass up that opportunity? Apparently, the prize this year is good enough to get Doug to write. So, in response, I wrote THIS limerick... I just couldn't help myself! Wish me luck!

Ode to my Irish, Guinness Drinking Husband!

My husband, his name is Douglas
Last year he didn't enter this contest
He quivered in fear
And ordered a beer
So, I left him alone with his Guinness.

A prize I wanted for our family
I wondered how hard this all could be
So, a limerick I wrote
Turned it in for a vote
And, first place was the judges decree.

Alas, this year my husband caved in
When he found out the prize he could win
A limerick he made
Pandering he played
Then, I turned in a limerick again!

(M'Coul's, let me have the last grin!)

This morning, I wrote this one... Both have been submitted, so hopefully, I can at least be a finalist again with one of these...

M'Coul's Irish Kiss

St. Patty's day, my friends, you shan't miss,
There’s no better time to drink than this
Raise a pint of green beer
And sing songs of good cheer
Every pub should be full of drunk bliss!

If "Luck of the Irish" you have, oh...
There's only one place you'd be, you know
For the best pub around
For Irish drinking abound
Is M'Coul's in the town Greensboro

Before I finish I'd be remiss
If I didn't remind you all of this
Each girl will surely claim
Irish Isle, she whence came
So, grant every girl here a sweet kiss!

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