Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I took 3rd Place in the limerick contest and won two barstools...

Of course, here is the revised version that I recited last night... Happy St. Patrick's Day!

M'Coul's Irish Kiss
- Written by Lara Heberle

St. Patty's day, my friends, you shan't miss,
There’s no better time to drink than this
Raise a pint of green beer
And sing songs of good cheer
Every pub should be full of drunk bliss!

If “Luck of the Irish” you have, though
There's only one place to be, you know
In the best pub around
Irish flirting abound
Is M'Coul's, below the Green Burro!

Before I finish, I'd be remiss
If I didn't remind you guys of this
Each girl will surely say
"Kiss me I'm IRISH" today
But, we Irish girls want a FRENCH kiss!

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