Monday, October 29, 2007

Yup... We carved pumpkins....

Aidan wanted to tell ghost stories so off went the lights and Aidan put the flashlight under his chin for effect. Doug told one of the spookiest ghost stories I have ever heard. It was about a four-year old little girl who didn't eat dinner for a whole week...and disapeared. She turned into a ghost!!! Woo ooo oooo! (Regan finally ate her dinner.) =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Princesses, Picnics & Pumpkins...Oh my!

Despite the fact that Doug & I are trying to get our house ready to sell, we can't stop our busy lives from coming at us at full speed. We even find ourselves adding things to our list of activities but... we can't help ourselves. Luckily, the constant rain that lasted for three days helped to cancel a soccer and baseball game on Saturday. So, our run from one activity to another went down to a mere jog.

On Saturday, Regan was loving life as she got to be a princess for the day at Libby Lu. This new retail establishment in Four Seasons mall caters to a little girl's every whim. Regan got to join five other girls for a birthday party that included dressing up like fairies, having their hair, makeup and nails done, some dancing and "shopping".... The party concluded with lunch and birthday cake. She and the other 4 & 5 year old girls were in heaven. Later, Princess Regan (still in her party dress and tiara) joined Aidan's baseball picnic party.

This picnic was great for the boys... They got to cream their parents in a game of baseball. Yes, yours truly even played. Unfortunately, I struck out at bat. But, what can I say? I tried. I know the boys were on cloud 9... On Friday, Aidan's friend at school stopped him to chat about the upcoming game and they both agreed that the Bulldogs (kids) didn't have a chance. (Doug helped them win by throwing balls to the wrong base WAY out and by not catching the ball at all... Other parents joined in by missing or dropping the ball as well. I helped out just by playing... I didn't have to fake at all!)

In between these two three-hour events, Doug & I tore our house apart. We are trying to de-clutter ten years of junk. It's a tough job and our garage is packed.

Today (Sunday), Aidan had his last baseball game. And, I couldn't miss our last chance to go to the pumpkin patch. Regan wore (well, I should say "held") her witches hat. And, we looked at some mushy pumpkins. (The rain had done some damage!) In the end, we walked away with two tiny pumpkins. So, Doug ran to the store for big pumpkins to carve. I guess that will be on the schedule for tomorrow night. I can't believe Halloween is on Wednesday. Where did this month go?

Friday, October 26, 2007

And... we begin...

I think that it is about time that I take up blogging. I document our life through pictures but I haven't taken the time to document the stories behind those pictures... I think I will begin doing that here. Here... in my wonderful neverland! =)