Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh... It's Magic!

We had a fantastic day... Both sets of grandparents arrived last night to Aidan and Regan's excited delight. They came for two very important events:

Regan's dance recital and Aidan's First Communion!

This morning, we enjoyed watching Regan perform her tap and ballet routines at her recital in the Carolina Theatre downtown.

Here are pics:

The pics are great but our day was much busier than these pictures can show... We also 1) went to Aidan's baseball game, 2) ate lunch at Poblano's 3) cut down a 50 foot tree in our back yard (yes... I'm serious! and, no, it didn't fall on the house! After watching an on-line video, Doug and his dad are now "certified" lumberjacks!), 4) went swimming and 5) had a fabulous filet mignon dinner.

I'm looking forward to Aidan's special day tomorrow. So, stay tuned for more pics soon to come! =)

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Amy said...

Glad the grandparents could share in the joy. God bless Aidan tomorrow.