Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm A Good Artist

-- Written by Regan & Aidan's Mom

I'm a good artist. But, my older brother doesn't think so. When I ask him which picture he likes the best, he doesn't answer. Why doesn't he just answer me?

When Aidan doesn't answer me I have to get really loud and ask again and again. And, when that doesn't work, I have to get out of my chair and put the paper in front of his eyes for him to see.

He doesn't like that so much because he can't see the game he is playing. Then, he gets mad. And, yells "REGAN…. Don't DOOO that!"

When Aidan yells, Mommy comes into the kitchen and asks why we are fighting. And, then, I try to explain. But, Aidan gets even madder.

Mommy doesn't like that so much because she doesn't want us to fight. Mommy then yells "REGAN… AIDAN… Be nice to each other!"

But, I tell Mom that Aidan isn't being nice to me. And, I show Mom my drawings.

Mom says she likes them both but I ask her which one is her favorite. She picks the picture with a princess in a pink dress and a purple crown and pretty flowers.

I tell her that is my favorite picture, too.

Then, I take the papers and draw a beautiful butterfly on the picture that isn't the best to make it prettier. I ask Mom which picture is her favorite now. Mom says she loves the butterfly.

Daddy comes home and he gives me a big hug and a kiss. He says he likes both pictures. But, he likes the princess in the pink dress and purple crown the most because it looks just like me!

I smile.

I'm a good artist.

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Jenny said...

I love this. Too Cute!!