Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Atlantic Beach!

We had a blast going to the beach. I loved... Waking up early with Aidan to be the first people on the beach... Regan catching creatures and watching them swim and dig in the sand in her bucket. Aidan's first surfing lesson with Surfer Joe... (Aidan wants his own surfboard now!) Eating yummy ice cream after going to see Narnia 2... Jumping waves with the kids... Regan and I, the "Hula Sisters", beat J-Lo the mean wave! Watching the kids dig DEEP holes in the sand... (They were so busy!) Going to the Aquarium twice... before we checked in and after we checked out. Snake volunteers: Aidan "Venemous Snake" Heberle and Regan "Longest Snake" Heberle. Pushing Aidan off the float in the pool... Regan showing off her coloring book masterpieces before bed... "Appare" to be amazed! What I didn't love was getting a "Butterfly Back Sunburn" and not applying lotion on the kids well enough... Ouch! Despite the sunburns, Aidan still wants to live at the beach. He said he is willing to give up our big house in order to move! See "Surfer Aidan" and "Hula Girl Regan" in the short videos below. =)

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