Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My sister Liza visited us!!!

My sister Liza flew to the states to visit and I got her from Friday night until Tuesday (yesterday) afternoon. I was so excited to show her our new house... We also had fun at the Heritage Festival downtown, going out Saturday night, getting our nails done, shopping, etc. She even helped me organize my bathroom and garage. (What a sister!)

At the Heritage Festival to celebrate Greensboro's Bicentennial, we got to pose with two of the four A&T students who made history on February 1st, 1960 with a sit in at the Woolworth's store in downtown Greensboro. That was pretty cool. See the pictures below.

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Jenny said...

Wow, you looked like you had an awesome weekend with your sister! Sorry I missed meeting her. She looks like a fun girl and such a cutie. Hopefully, I will get to meet her next time she comes to Greensboro!!